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OTC requires at least one proctored assessment per online course. Some courses have more than one proctored assessment. 

  • Proctored assessments may be completed at any OTC location, at a pre-approved off-campus facility, or via optional ProctorU Auto online proctoring service. 
  • Students must provide proof of identity (driver’s license, passport, or other government photo ID) for all proctored events. 
  • Students with profile residences within 30 miles of an OTC facility must take their assessment at that facility or they may use the optional ProctorU Auto service (see below).
  • Students with profile residences beyond 30 miles of an OTC facility may request off-campus proctoring approval or they may use the optional ProctorU Auto service (see below).

Disability Support Services Instructions

Students using or needing accommodations through the Disability Support Services department should contact the DSS staff at:

Web page: Disability Support Services

Phone: 417-447-8189 / TDD: 417-447-8189


Proctoring FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Visit the OTC Proctoring FAQ web page for answers to common questions about OTC proctoring. 

On-Campus Proctoring Instructions

Visit the Testing Services web page for locations, hours, and appointment requirements. No pre-approval or form is required for OTC on-campus proctoring.

Off-Campus Proctoring Instructions

  • Students who need to use off-campus proctoring must submit a Off Campus Proctoring Approval Form at least 5 business days prior to the planned event.  A form is required for each assessment to be proctored off-campus. The form is not required for dual-credit program students. 
  • Off-campus facilities must be pre-approved and in accordance with OTC proctoring specifications. Examples of off-campus options include professional librarians at a public library, high school administrators, testing control or unit education officers at U.S. military bases or U.S. embassy officials. Examples of unacceptable proctors are relatives, clergy, instructor and employers.
  • Proctors must monitor students during the entire assessment. OTC will not approve off-campus proctoring requests for proctors that cannot provide direct monitoring.
  • The student must ensure the designated off-campus proctor will transmit completed paper-and-pencil exams, if applicable, to OTC Online electronically and within 24 OTC business hours of assessment completion. 
  • Upon approval, OTC Online will communicate the necessary information to the off-campus proctor. The student should check with their designated proctor several days in advance of their appointment time to confirm the proctor received all necessary proctoring information. 
  • This list of Off-Campus Proctoring Sites may be helpful for students who are not near an OTC facility. OTC does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the list information and does not endorse or represent any of the facilities listed.
  • Off-Campus Proctoring Request Forms:

Optional ProctorU Auto Online Proctoring Information

OTC partnered with ProctorU to offer ProctorU Auto online proctoring as a convenient option for OTC students. ProctorU Auto is a fully online remote proctoring service available on-demand, 24 hours/day. The service allows students to complete most OTC proctored assessments in the comfort of their home or wherever they have access to reliable internet service. Important notes:

  • The fee for the ProctorU Auto service is $3.00 USD for each exam (the fee is subject to change.) OTC does not pay for such optional services. 
  • The fee is payable directly by the student to ProctorU at the time of service.
  • ProctorU Auto is not approved or compatible for paper-and-pencil exams or proctored speeches currently.
  • ProctorU Auto has specific requirements, including the Chrome browser and ProctorU extension. Visit the ProctorU Auto Test Taker Resources web page to test your equipment and find other requirements for the service. 
  • Questions about ProctorU Auto? Call ProctorU Technical Support at 888-355-8043 or email

Proctoring Policy

Visit the OTC Proctoring Policy 2.21 web page for policy requirements.

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