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This is Dr. Dale Moore,  Dean of Online Education. Click the second dot below to see the human behind Dr. Moore.

This is Dale, the human. In his free time he enjoys antique shopping, back yard BBQ’s, diving for sunken treasure (he hasn’t found any yet), and spending time with friends and family.  As a past Greene County emergency management administrator, Dale volunteers his time to help coordinate emergency response efforts nationwide (this is actually true.)

This is Philip Arnold, Director of eLearning Systems. Click the second dot below to see the human behind Philip.

Philip Arnold

This is Philip, the human. While he works daily with some of the latest instructional technologies, Philip spends many of his non-work hours trying to drum-up interest in bygone era technologies like the phonograph (he recently restored a 1916 Victrola.) Philip’s family feels his time and effort would be better spent honing his culinary skills in the kitchen and at his ceramic smoker, which he does when he’s not jamming out to Ella Fitzgerald on the Victrola. Every once in a great while, you might see Philip standing in a river, fiercely flogging a line in support of piscatorial preservation.

Philip Fly-fishing

First record on the restored Victrola

This is Eileen Berndt, Online Learning Support Specialist. Click the second dot below to see the human behind Eileen.

This is Eileen, the human. With her horse, Canasta, recently winning The Preakness Stakes (this might be stretching the truth), Eileen feels her countless hours of love, care, and devotion (not to mention countless dollars) have been well-rewarded. Her many dogs and husband are now happy that she can spend her free time at home caring for their individual, particular (never demanding), needs. As a health-conscious individual, Eileen is always thoughtful and generous in sharing the healthy food she brings to the office.

This is Dr. Sherry Phelan, Director of Online Instructional Design and Faculty Development. Click the second dot to see the human.

This is Sherry, the human. Sherry is an avid sports enthusiast, and enjoys following the Green Bay Packers (much to the dismay of her colleagues) as well as the St. Louis Cardinals (she got this one right).  In high school, she was a stand-in drummer for the heavy metal band, Metallica (this may or may not be true), but more recent extracurricular pursuits include piano and tap dance.


This is Jacque Harris, Instructional Technologist. Click the second dot to see the human behind Jacque.

Jacque Harris

This is Jacque, the human. When she’s not with her colleague and Instructional Design twin, Amy Schneider, Jacque works to squeeze 29 hours out of a day (she’s already broken the laws of physics by cracking the 28 hour barrier.) In addition to winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, Jacque has learned how to solely subsist on coffee, a skill which she uses to great advantage when traveling cross-country with her fiance’ and kids to visit some of wonders of the world, like Dinosaur Land.

Many faces of Jacque

   Shark at Dinosaur Land

This is Jami Stinnett, Online Instructional Support Specialist. Click the second dot to see the human behind Jami.

Photo of Jami Stinnett

This is Jami, the human. When not circumnavigating the globe in an open kayak (disclaimer: this may not have yet happened, but we like to think that it could be in her plans), Jami enjoys other extreme sports, like spending time with the three guys in her family.

Jami Stinnett Family PhotoJami kayaking

This is Matt Harris, Director of Online Analytics. Click the second dot below to see the human behind Matt Harris.

This is Matt, the human. Matt enjoys spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends and family (when possible…Texas is huge!).  He enjoys a good book, good movie, good food, and good conversation with lots of laughs.  During the week, he’s involved with his church and enjoys running 10ks through half marathons. It is a little known fact (or possibly not a fact all) that Matt is an internationally-ranked frisbee golf champion.

Frisbee Golf Trophy

This is Amy Schneider, Instructional Technologist. Click the second dot to see the human behind Amy.

Amy Schneider Profile Photo

This is Amy, the human. When she’s not with her colleague and Instructional Design twin, Jacque Harris, Amy can’t be found in the remote reaches of the Amazon rain forest looking for the elusive Canje pheasant. Recognized as an avid “birder,” Amy was recently honored by the Audubon society with the prestigious George C. “Whipper” Will award for her work in taxidermy, and currently displays over 30 rare mounted species of toucan in her house which she has opened to the public in Springfield, Missouri.

Amy bird watching

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