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OTC requires at least one proctored assessment per online course. Some courses have more than one proctored assessment. Proctored assessments may be completed at any OTC location, at a pre-approved off-campus facility, or via optional ProctorU Auto online proctoring service. 

What is a Proctored Assessment? What is Proctoring? What is a Proctor?

  • Proctored assessment: An OTC proctored assessment is an exam, quiz, or similar assignment that is usually password protected and must be completed in the presence of a pre-approved proctor or proctoring service. Proctored assessments generally have passwords that are shared only with pre-approved proctors. Proctored assessments may have allowances or limitations as determined by the instructor. Examples of allowances are open resources, notes, and textbooks. Examples of limitations are closed-book, no notes, or no resources allowed for the assessment. Information about each course proctored assessment(s) is provided by the instructor.
  • Proctoring: The process required by OTC in which a pre-approved proctor verifies a student’s identify, enters the confidential proctored assessment password (if applicable), and observes or records the student’s activity throughout the exam completion. The purposes are to ensure the identity of the student and the integrity of the assessment.
  • Proctor: A proctor is a human who provides proctoring services. Some proctors are pre-approved, such as OTC Testing Services staff. Other proctors must be pre-approved by OTC Online prior to the proctoring service. Examples of off-campus proctors are high school administrators, university testing centers, and military testing officers.
  • ProctorU Auto: ProctorU Auto is a pre-approved, fully online, proctoring service which includes identity verification and recording of the student as the student completes the proctored assessment. See ProctorU Auto – Remote Proctoring Service for more information.

Proctoring FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Visit the OTC Proctoring FAQ web page for answers to common questions about OTC proctoring. 

Proctored Assessment Instructions for Students

See the Proctored Assessment Instructions for Students for more information and requirements. 

Proctored Assessment Instructions for Faculty

See the Proctoring Resources for Faculty web page for more information and requirements.

OTC Testing Services Proctoring Information

Visit the OTC Testing Services department web page for on-campus testing services locations, hours, and appointment information.

Proctoring at OTC

Visit the Proctoring at OTC web page for student and faculty information about proctoring at OTC.  

OTC Proctoring Policy Information

Visit the OTC Proctoring Policy 2.21 web page for policy requirements.

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