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Appropriate academic conduct includes doing assigned work, meeting deadlines, participating in online discussions, and completing all the required elements of the course. It also means following these basic rules of etiquette:

    • Using Proper Capitalization, Spelling and Grammar
    • Signing Your Name to all Email Messages and Discussion Postings
    • Providing Descriptive but Concise Subject Lines

Furthermore, appropriate academic conduct means maintaining a safe learning environment based on mutual respect and civility. All participants in OTC Online courses are expected to behave professionally by adhering to these standards of conduct in the online environment:

    • Never transmit or promote content known to be illegal.
    • Respect other people’s privacy as well as your own.
    • Forgive other people’s mistakes.
    • Never use harassing, threatening, embarrassing or otherwise abusive language or actions.

Online communication that fails to meet these standards of conduct will be removed from the course. Repeated misconduct may result in being blocked from online discussions, receiving a grade penalty or being dismissed from the course. Such misconduct in the online environment may also be reported to the Dean of Online Education and the Dean of Student Development for appropriate action in accordance with the Student Handbook. If you ever feel as though our online classroom is inappropriate or uncomfortable, please first contact your instructor with your concerns. If you have general questions about the Standards of Online Student Conduct, please contact OTC Online at

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