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OTC Faculty Development

Just as OTC Online must continually adapt to the growing needs of our students and the marketplace, so must our educators. That’s why we are happy to provide resources, certifications and training that help our instructors continue providing the high quality of education OTC Online strives to provide.

ONL-101: Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

ONL-101 is a six-week professional development training class designed to introduce prospective OTC online teachers to online teaching pedagogy as well technologies used to deliver online instruction. This class is a prerequisite for teaching online for OTC and must be taken at least one semester in advance of a new teaching assignment. Note that this class is now only offered to current OTC faculty or those who are in the process of being hired. If you are not currently employed by OTC, but would like to teach online for us, please visit Apply to Teach Online page for more information. 

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ONL-101: Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning



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