Do I have to enroll in Blackboard?

No, you do not need to enroll in Blackboard. Once you register for courses you will automatically be placed in the Blackboard system.

When will my course be available through Blackboard?

Your course(s) will be available through Blackboard the Thursday before the first day of the semester. Please keep in mind that your instructor may not respond to questions you may have until after classes officially begin.

I cannot login to Blackboard and get an error message, what can I do?

First, make sure your user ID and password are accurate and your caps lock is off. If you need further assistance contact Blackboard Support at

Do online courses have the same start dates as seated courses?

Online courses are offered every semester (spring, summer and fall) just like seated courses. Full semester courses are sixteen weeks long, A and B block courses are eight weeks long.

Can I enroll in a course that is full?

To be able to enroll in an online course that is full, you will need written approval from your instructor and the director of online courses at If approval is granted, bring the approval to Student Services to complete the registration for the course.

What is a proctored exam?

A proctored exam is one that will be overseen by an individual who supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. At least one proctored exam is required for all online courses. Proctored exams may be taken in person at any of OTC’s Testing Centers or through approved off-campus proctoring locations. For more information, visit the Proctored Exams web page.

What do I do when my Blackboard course is empty?

If the course is empty or lacking particular pieces of information please contact your instructor immediately. If you are unable to contact your instructor, then please contact OTC Online.

Who do I contact to submit a concern about an online course?

If you have a concern about an online course, you should contact OTC Online.

How do I get a code for a textbook for an online course?

Many courses require a code for a textbook. Only new textbooks come with the codes. If you did not receive a code with your book, please contact the store where you purchased the textbook and communicate with your instructor.

How do I post on the discussion board?

In the Blackboard course select “Discussions” tab from the left hand side of the page. Once the discussion board opens, select the forum you would like to post your discussion in. Then at the top of the page select “Create Thread”. Once that option is selected, title your post and type your post in the text editor box. After you have completed your post, select the “Submit” button.

What do I do when a link is broken in a course?

If a link is showing an error when you try opening it, please contact your instructor.

Why is a quiz or exam not appearing on my Blackboard?

A quiz or exam may not be appearing due to the instructor not making it available for students to see yet. If the exam date has expired, the exam will no longer be available to students. Contact your instructor if you have any questions.

What do I do when taking a quiz or exam and an error message appears?

Contact the instructor of the course and inform him or her of what has happened while taking the exam/quiz. Be sure to note any error messages and include that information when communicating with your instructor. If your instructor is not available, contact OTC Online at, or call 417-447-8200, option 2.