Preparing Yourself and Your Students for the Proctored Assessment

Each online course requires one proctored assessment (a proctored exam for most courses or a proctored speech for Communications courses). Math courses may require more than one proctored assessment. Proctored assessments may be administered at any Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC) location, at a pre-approved off-campus location, or via ProctorU online services. Students within 30 miles of an OTC facility must take their assessment there or via ProctorU services.

All off-campus facilities must be in accordance with the OTC proctoring specifications and must be pre-approved by the course instructor for appropriateness. Examples of off-campus options include professional librarians at a public library, high school administrators, testing control or unit education officers at U.S. military bases, or U.S. embassy officials. Examples of unacceptable proctors are relatives, clergy and employers.

ProctorU services may be used by any online student at their own expense.

Some public libraries will not be approved because they do not offer monitoring services. For example, the Library Centers in Springfield and surrounding communities are not approved for OTC proctored assessments.

See the below instructions for more details. If there are any concerns, the instructor or student may consult OTC Online for assistance at 417-447-8200 or

    • By the end of the first week of classes, submit your proctored exam information to OTC Testing Services and ProctorU using the web form found here.
    • Make the proctored assessment dates available to students by the end of the first week of classes. Provide students with information about which assessment will be proctored for your course and the time frame for the assessment in your syllabus.
    • Do not give a proctored assessment password to students.
    • Alert students that they will need to present a valid ID (driver’s license, passport, or other government photo ID) to the proctor before the launch of the assessment.
    • Set a deadline for students to make arrangements at their desired testing facility or with ProctorU. If students are completing their proctored assessment at the Springfield or Richwood Valley campus, they do not need to schedule an appointment.
    • If they plan to take their assessment at an off-campus location (excluding ProctorU), students will need to submit an Off_Campus_Proctoring_Approval_Form (Rev_May_2015) to the instructor in advance of the testing date.
    • Email all required information to Testing Services at least 24 hours prior to the proctoring period. If exams require paper and pencil (e.g. MTH courses), all materials should be submitted 24 hours prior to the proctoring period.
    • Provide off-campus proctors with all proctored assessment materials and instructions at least 24 hours prior to the assessment appointment.

Questions or concerns? See the Proctoring FAQ page or contact OTC Online at or (417) 447-8200.