Just as OTC Online must continually adapt to the growing needs of our students and the marketplace, so must our educators. That’s why we are happy to provide resources, certifications, and training that help our instructors continue providing the high quality of education OTC Online strives to provide.

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ONL-101: Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

This introductory training will prepare faculty for teaching online at OTC.

Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning is offered as a six-week professional development training class delivered fully online via the Blackboard learning management system. The training introduces participants to online teaching and learning best practices with an emphasis on developing effective teaching knowledge and skills using the learning management system and educational technology. Complete and submit the registration form below if you’re interested in teaching online at OTC.

Upcoming training dates:  June 6 РJuly 17 and July 5 РAugust 14

ONL-101: Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning